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NIKL - Target 450


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JSMR - Round Bottom Chart Pattern

Now consider the JSMR stock. Until today (18/06) JSMR stock formed round bottom chart pattern. If today (21/06) will be breakout above its neckline then round bottom pattern chart confirm and the target is IDR 3,150 . If it is not will form a cup and handle pattern.

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INDF - Inverted Head and Shoulders

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Watchlist : META

After a long consolidate or sideways, finally META breakthrough its resistance line at 12/05.
And stochastic had entered the overboght area.

Target = 150 - 163
Stop Loss = 120

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High Profit Candlestick Patterns

BISI - Bearish Harami Cross Pattern

BISI - Bearish Harami Cross
Harami cross is a moderately reliable candlestick pattern which indicate the reversal of existing trend.

A confirmation of the reversal on the following day in terms of a lower close would be needed to prove that the trend may be in a reversal.

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Markets Overviews on Saturday Morning

Markets Overview

Dow on Saturday morning (1 / 05) were closed down by 1.42% (see graph).
Prepare yourself on Monday (3 / 05).

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Bullish Morning Doji Star Pattern on BMTR

On 23 April I found the stock BMTR has formed  Bullish Morning Doji Starm pattern.

If the next day can penetrate the resistance, BMTR will be headed upward.

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